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Enfield Farms was established in 1977 when Marvin and Linda began farming 80 acres of raspberries.

In 1984, Marvin gave blueberries a try with just five acres devoted to them. It was a successful experiment as Marvin discovered that both the blueberries and raspberries thrived beautifully under the wet Pacific Northwest climate and sandy loam soil conditions.

He continued expanding his farm by planting additional raspberry and blueberry acreage, until it grew to the size it is today: over 1000 acres.

Along the way, Marvin and Linda raised three children: Andy, Adam and Allie, who grew up working in all aspects of the farm. After completing their college degrees, all three children have returned for a career on the farm, contributing their knowledge and experiences in a growing industry. This second generation continues to uphold the philosophy upon which the farm was founded: hard work, exceptional quality, innovation, and passion.

And the third generation - well, they are avid taste testers for now.

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